Our business areas

TRIGANO VDL has an extremely varied choice of business areas and talents that cover the entire activity chain, from vehicle and system design to marketing and sales, by way of the production and maintenance phases.


Over seventy percent of Trigano VDL activities focus on the manufacture of caravans and motorhomes. For this reason, we are always on the lookout for fitters, assemblers, painters and carpenters who want to become part of a continuous improvement approach based on a demand for quality that has made the reputation of our brands.

Studies and projects

The design engineer designs, develops and improves our products or processes.

The draftsman adds the calculations made by engineers to the industrial design. He ensures the design of a study project using specifications and/or a technical worksheet.

Support functions

To contribute to the development of company activities, Trigano VDL relies on teams for Accounting/Finance, Human Resources, Methods, Quality, Logistics, Tests and Measurements and Continuous Improvement.


The Maintenance Manager supervises the upkeep of equipment and/or installations and participates in designing new installations in order to ensure optimal service quality.

As the person responsible for the men and women on his team, the Head of the maintenance team guarantees the quality and timeliness of maintenance work carried out inside the plant.

The Maintenance Agent is in charge of the upkeep and repair of equipment and machines.

Business / Marketing

The Sales Manager develops the sale of vehicles at our dealerships in France and internationally.

With an eye always on the market, the Marketing Manager ensures the positioning of products and services. The Marketing Officer’s mission is to define or help define the product development strategy in collaboration with the sales team.